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Zodiac Signs of People Born in August and September

The signs which are objects, entities or events depict that something has taken place or will take place. The sign looks just like the object. A good example of a sign is the flame sign which shows fire. In this article we shall look at the zodiac signs. The term Zodiac refers to an area in the sky which extends north and south of the ecliptic by approximately 8o. The charts which represent the position of heavenly bodies such as the sun, the planets and the moon during a certain event are known as horoscopes. The zodiac has 12 signs and the four middle signs are; Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. There are no zodiac signs which share the dates. The Scorpio dates, for example, are October 23- November 21. Let’s discuss the August and September zodiac signs. They are Leo, Virgo and Libra.

We shall start by looking at Leo. The Leo dates are July 23- August 22. Leo happens after Cancer and before Virgo. Leo is represented by a lion. The Fire, Fixed, and Sun are the Leo zodiac element, quality and sign ruler respectively. The people who have the Leo horoscope are creative, warm-hearted, generous, passionate and humorous. The Leo weaknesses are laziness, inflexibility, and arrogance. The Leo people love holidays, bright colors, being admired, expensive things and theater. The Leo people hate; being ignored and not being treated like lions. If you were born under Leo, these are your lucky numbers; 1, 3, 10 and 19.

The second Zodiac Signs for August and September is Virgo. Virgo dates are August 23- September 22. Virgo is found between Leo and Libra. The Virgo sign is a virgin. The Virgo zodiac element is the Earth, the quality is Mutable and the sign ruler is Mercury. People born under the Virgo horoscope have the following strengths; kind, practical, hand working, analytical and loyal. People who were born under Virgo are shy. The people born under Virgo like; books, nature, cleanliness, nutritious food, and animals. Rudeness and calling for help are some Virgo dislikes. 5, 14, 15, 23 and 32 are the lucky numbers of people born under Virgo.

Libra is the last horoscope we shall look at. September 23- October 22 are the dates of Libra. After Virgo and before Scorpio, we have Libra. The balance scales represent Libra. The Libra’s zodiac element is Air, the quality is Cardinal and the sign ruler is Venus. People born under Libra have the following strengths; gracious, diplomatic, cooperative and social. These people have the following weaknesses; indecisive, self-pity and carry a grudge. The Libra likes are; gentleness and harmony. If Libra is your horoscope, you hate violence and injustice. Libra lucky numbers are; 4, 6, 13, 15 and 24.

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